Sindhudurg Tourism festival

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Sand sculpture S'durg tourism

Was part of the event organised by the Govt.of Maharashtra , MTDC and the Collectorate office of Sindhudurg. It was supported by very good Kokan promoter Expert mr.Sanjay parab and the cultural event was directed by Manasi Ingle.

Kokan tourism is really growin fast and the reason is quite obvious. Unexplored, virgin beaches on the entire Kokan stretch.Really Maharashtra is blessed! Such unique diversities within one state. Fortunately my profession allows me to explore different regions of the world and Maharashtra Bhoomi always beckons me.

best way to differentiate the uniqueness of this state is through their mind blowing Street Food(well its true for any region that to know the culture enjoy street food).

I started with my trip with the first halt at Kolhapur…

Tambda rassa, pandhra rassa(but obviously), Suka Mutton, Mutton lonche(pickle)… Sluurrrpppp!

Next day: Fadtare Misal… just enough . I personally believe as a Gourmand one shouldn’t Hog on Food all day long. It has to be enjoyed. Each taste buds should satiate, should be pleasurable, every bite should be memorable.

Commenced my journey wading across the Gagangbavda Ghats. What a Sight! Kadhi banavley asey rastey ani dongar daryatun kona Engineers nee aplya parishramachi pariksha pahili. Every turn and every corner was thought of. Benches to admire the beauty, Specially created Stopovers to just relax amidst the natural beauty.

Reached Malvan.  Headed straight to the Beach for the Local auction of the catch. picked up really good 500 gms -700 gms 3 Pomfrets, 400 gms Lobsters.

Enjoyed the Cultural programme with superb perfomances by Vaishali Madey, Anand Shinde’s Son(Popat fame), Atul Todankar and Digambar Naik’s comedy express.

Next day got ready with my prep. menu was:

Raw Banana Roesti with tomato salsa

fresh cashewnuts  and Vegetables chili

Kokum Colada

Guava and  Paneer shashlik

Stuffed brinjals with clams 

Grilled kingfish with mango chili dressing

Batatlya pohe

Puranpoli with Orange and Vanilla sauce on sizzler

few recipes:

Raw Banana Roesti makes 12 servings


raw banana4nos

lettuce bunch

chili flakes

15gms Mango candy





For the Salsa



coloured peppers


Method: Grate the  raw banana. Apply salt and soak in water.Keep aside.In a pan heat butter. Add small quantity of the grated mixture into tha pan and form a thin round shape.Cook crispy from both the sides and serve hot.

Fresh Cashews and Vegetable Chili:

Fresh cashews

Hung yoghurt


Salad oil

bread croutons


crushed peppercorn


French beans

Method: Wash and dry the lettuce leaves. Tear them into small piecesMake the dip by whipping the yogurt and oil. Add the crushed garlic and mix with the lettuce.

Kokum Colada

Sweet Kokum Syrup

Coconut water

Coconut milk

crushed ice

Tender coconut

Method: Mix all the ingredients and shake. Serve chilled.

The event was well appreciated but observation is that lots need to be done to bring the region to International standards. Tourists need to understand and empathize with the locals that this a different place with different culture so its not possible to be same as their home place. the locals need to give lots to make sure that the Guets are kept happy and Delighted.

Ofcourse  in short span Kokan region has really developed into a potential weekend spot but the Govt.authorities should be strict and preserve the culture and tradition which should be marketed as its speciality.

No point in serving colored Chinese and Horrible Punjabi food and a simple home style Fish Curry made in ajiffy and screwing it up.

So far so long I get the authentic taste and experience the local flavor , culture and customs of the region I will keep comimg back and promote it …the Look tough but really Humble and downto Earth Amchey Malvankar friends get ready and Welcome the Change in your life…Mother Nature is with you.





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