It’s a small world

The fact is we have the most interesting job in the world. Cooking helps us to understand the culture of the regions, Their markets tell us a story, the way of life of that region.

Style of cooking enfolds the sophistication of the region, the way we eat helps us to know the significance in the society.

It is a small world when we sit together with our loved ones and enjoy that meal-As a context of the world that togetherness takes us to well being which is reflected in ourselves.

When we cook we challenge our own limits. It is so fascinating.

They all our food

I've visited here for like 3 times and everytime i came here, i've tried something new and fortunately everything turned out to be so delicious and perfect. I'm really glad, i found this place.

- Olive Wheat Grape

"I always visit here, and they always surprise me with a new dish!! Highly recommended."

- Harold Z

Great food & beverage options. Wide variety on offer in terms of different cuisines. Staff is courteous & they have a big space. Have visited couple of times for family dinner. Would rate it as one of the best options in the Borivli area.

- Curry Coriander

DRINKS - We ordered a bunch of mocktails and beverages and they were really good. The Vanilla Black Current, Fruit Punch and Cherry Coke Tail were amazing and refreshing..

- Dr. Anupam Potdar

End-to-end solutions for your new food and beverage venture. Kitchen designing, Menu planning Meals preparation, Training.

Our Projects

Adorning various hats to keep the creative instincts never let off is the prime motive to venture into on his own. Plays various roles as a Host, Author, Chef, Restaurateur and Entrepreneur. Completed more than 20 projects in various formats like Restaurants, Cafe’s, Fine Dining bistros, Pubs and Bars, QSR’s within the country also in Dubai and Sydney. Chef is also spear-heading the International Culinery Studio’s Global Diploma in Professional Cookery which is based in New Zealand.

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